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International Tax Services:

If there is somewhere that Cyprus excels is in providing many tax benefits and an impelling choice of options in International Tax Planning.

With the plethora of Double Taxations Treaties, the non-withholding of tax on dividends paid abroad and its low corporate tax (12,5%) effective lowest in Europe, Cyprus is a great place to do business and International Tax Planning.

The international landscape is changing rapidly and businesses should be consulted frequently on issues regarding compliance, substance, permanent establishments in other jurisdictions to continue to enjoy tax benefits in a legal framework. Staying inactive in this changing environment may prove to be fatal.

All businesses should aim to maximise shareholder value and minimize their tax burden.

To do so however it takes efficient planning, good knowledge of the tax benefits, the new EU laws and regulations and many years of Tax Experience.

We are one of the leading tax consultancy firms in Cyprus and we can provide the following tax planning and advisory services:

  • Efficient Tax Planning according to your business locations and targeted markets around the world.
  • Efficient Tax Planning according to your type of business (Real Estate, Royalty Income, Investment, International Trust, etc.)
  • Tax planning of efficient tax structures using double taxations treaties and local tax legislation.
  • Assistance with reorganisations, mergers & acquisitions, disposals and etc.
  • Tax planning with efficient repatriation of Income.
  • Assistance with obtaining rulings for Tax Treatments from the Cyprus Tax Authorities.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions.

Cyprus provides beneficiary tax schemes

Please click on the links below to find more details and explore what tax benefits your business might benefit from:

For Individuals who wish to make Cyprus their Tax Residency Country:

  • Non domicile tax regime
  • Individuals employed in Cyprus after living abroad
  • Cyprus residency
  • Cyprus citizenship program

For Businesses that wish to exploit Cyprus Tax Schemes:

  • IP box regime
  • Start-up investment tax incentives
  • Samples of International Tax structures
  • Boat and other transport vehicles leasing regime
  • Cyprus Holding Company

Other specialist services for International Clients:

  • Company cross reporting
  • CRS and FATCA
  • Permanent establishment
  • Immigration Services

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