Payroll and Social Insurance

Knowing how much to pay your employees and ensuring the monthly obligations are met is essential to every employer in the Republic.

Besides your obligations towards employees, the social insurance services and the inland revenue, payroll is one of the biggest expenses on your Income Statement.

All these reasons point out that due care is essential when taking care of your payroll and this is where we can help you.

If you choose to outsource your payroll to us, our firm will:

  • Calculate your payroll payments accurately taking into account working hours, leaves, and absences of any kind, bonuses, commissions, sick allowances, maternity leaves and many more variables.
  • Calculate and collect payroll taxes and ensure their monthly payment and take care of your monthly social insurance obligations.
  • Prepare the monthly payslips and monthly payroll reports.
  • Register you as an employer to the social insurance services and the Inland Revenue.
  • Register your new employees and fill in the relevant paperwork that must be kept when employing new persons.
  • Take care of your annual obligations such as completing the Employers Annual Return (IR7) and submit it via Taxisnet.
  • Provide you with useful information for your rights and obligations as an employer.
  • Inform you about your employees’ rights and obligations.
  • Help you with drafting employment contracts.
  • Assisting you with visa applications and provide you with other immigration services.
  • Keep you updated with payroll subsidies and help you to apply for them.
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