Risk Management

The problem of risk and the question of how not to fall victim to it are probably more topical than ever before. To a great extent, anyone and everyone in an organisation is, or should be, a risk manager – ACCA “Rules for Risk Management”.

Businesses have always faced various types of Risks in their business environment.

These risks can be identified as:

  • Inherent Business risk
  • Behaviour Risk or “Dysfunctional Behaviour” risk
  • Financial Markets Risk
  • Family business associated Risks
  • Credit Risk
  • Natural Causes
  • Project failures
  • And even Risks of not identifying Opportunities


That is why many businesses turn to their accountants or business advisors because they:

  • attribute organisational failure to poor decisions driven by bias and self-interest
  • recognise these behaviours are common in their own organisations
  • believe that accountants should encourage honesty, objectivity and advocacy over evidence in decision making
  • think that accountants should provide a range of possible outcomes following a course of action rather than to just detail the most likely outcome

Our experience has helped us to advice businesses facing all types of risks in various business environments. Our insight into these matters have proven valuable for preventing unpleasant events from happening.

Our firm will help you by providing the right financial and other information so that the right decisions can be taken. This includes avoiding taking decisions that would expose an organisation unnecessarily to risk.

Our expert team is highly educated on financial and business risk and have provided services to many prestigious clients in the industry.

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