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Businesses which do not utilise Information Technology for some part of their operations are very rare these days. Most businesses rely heavily in IT as tools to assist management decisions, in accounting, payroll, market analysis, customer relationship management and almost all operations. In fact the necessity and need to apply these tools is so urgent that not proper controls are always in place to avoid corruption, theft, data loss, data misinformation and other hazards. Our firm can assist you to evaluate these controls and built a better safer environment for your business.

Any modern business will have some sort of reliance on information produced by IT systems. In fact, almost all businesses will be depended upon them as the financial reporting environment is becoming increasingly complex and demanding. For this Standards and Regulations must be in place to implement internal controls for this core part of a modern business. These internal controls often require independent assessments of their effectiveness.

If this is your situation and:
  • You need confidence in the quality of the information produced by your IT systems.
  • You need assistance in documenting or testing your internal controls over financial reporting.
  • You need an independent review of your control structure, including identification of weaknesses and possible design enhancements.
  • You rely on financial information from a third party and need independent assurance on that information.
  • You are implementing—or have just implemented—a new IT system and want a review of the controls.
  • You are entering a joint venture or other transaction and need due diligence on systems and controls.
We can help you

Our practice and our associates provide services related to controls around the financial reporting process, including financial business process and IT management controls. Serving both audit and non-audit clients, we and our partners provide:

  • Financial and operation applications/business process controls reviews
  • Database security controls reviews
  • IT general controls reviews
  • Infrastructure security reviews
  • Third party assurance and opinion services
  • Due diligence on systems and controls
  • Pre- and post-implementation systems reviews
  • Project assurance services
  • Computer security reviews
  • Systems assurance services

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